Anti-Abortion Campaigners: Caroline Lucas Calls For Buffer Zones

With anti-abortion campaigners still active in Chatsworth Road, Caroline Lucas has backed the Back Off campaign, which calls for protest-free zones outside abortion clinics.

She has also tabled a parliamentary Early Day Motion calling for buffer zones outside clinics:

‘That this House notes with concern the recent escalation in anti-abortion activity targeted at women and staff attending abortion clinics and pregnancy advisory services; further notes that approaching and recording women and staff, alongside the distribution of misleading information and distressing images, intimidates women and jeopardises access to legal healthcare services; believes in upholding the right to peaceful protest; believes that the right to peaceful protest should not interfere with the fundamental right for women to make individual reproductive choices; notes that campaigns against women exercising their sexual health rights can continue without occupying the space immediately outside clinics; supports the British Pregnancy Advisory Service’s ‘Back Off’ campaign to implement buffer zones outside reproductive health clinics as a means of ensuring that women are not harassed or obstructed from accessing confidential advice and treatment; and calls on the Government to bring forward legislation to protect the rights of women to access lawful healthcare by enabling the introduction and implementation of buffer zones around clinics offering abortion sexual health services.’


1 thought on “Anti-Abortion Campaigners: Caroline Lucas Calls For Buffer Zones

  1. As a resident of Chatsworth Road I have spoken with the women and their families who have used the abortion clinic, when demonstrators have been assembled immediately outside the Chatsworth Road entrance. Most state they do feel intimidated by the prescence of the demonstrators and some say they have feel they have experienced verbal harrassment. I certainly would favour a buffer zone that would exclude any lone or group of demonstrators from asssembling on Chatsworth Rd. This would enable the women and their families to enter and leave the clinic free of intimidation and harrassment, but still allow the demonstrators to exercise ther right of peaceful protest when assembled on Old Shoreham Road.


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