New England Railway Bridge

For some months, Councillor Mike Jones has been in communication with the Council over the recurring problem of pigeon droppings and poor lighting under the railway bridge on what is a main thoroughfare for members of the Prestonville community who walk down to Preston Circus and London Road.

The upkeep of the bridge (and of the netting to prevent its use as a roost by pigeons) is the responsibility of Network Rail. An employee of the Council has been in touch with them, and has reported to Mike Jones as follows:

Pigeon Proofing

  • We received verbal assurances from Network Rail this summer that they would carry out the pigeon proofing.
  • We wrote to Network Rail again in September asking them to provide a time scale for the work to be completed.
  • An officer visited the site in November to take photographs and report on the area.
  • After being advised via email by a structural engineer we have written to James Pickard in Community Relations enclosing a report, photographs and copies of previous correspondence.


  • The Street Lighting team is looking into the lighting situation under the bridge.
  •  Due to pigeon netting having been installed over lights belonging to the council these lights are difficult to access and repair without damaging the netting.


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