Anston House Trees – Developer Fined £30k

The developer behind the illegal destruction of trees in June 2007 on the Anston House site, on Preston Road, has been fined £30,000.

Whether that is going to put much of a dent in his finances, or deter other developers who want to clear sites quickly, is open to question. When the PCA got involved with this at the time, we were told that the maximum possible fine was double the site value – a lot more than £60k even in the current climate!

No word in the Argus report either about whether the developer will have to plant replacement trees.

Photo: Argus

2 thoughts on “Anston House Trees – Developer Fined £30k

  1. At least they have got rid of those so-called “protestors” who were burning toxic waste and making everybody’s life a misery.

    Unfortunately it seems that only the involvement of the Police and a man nearly dying made anything happen!

    Democracy and lobbying gets nothing – I talke to Green Counsellors about this and they were unable to do anything – it was only when a crime was comitted on the site that any action was taken – a sorry state of affairs…?


  2. I telephoned a councillor to ask for the broken windows to be fixed so that we don’t keep getting more and more pigeons. I’ve had no response as yet. I phoned the number in the Labour paper where a councillor expressed an interest in the site (I think it was Kevin Allen).


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