Neighbourhood Care Scheme coming to Prestonville

Knowing Sarah is visiting really lifts my day. She is cheerful, dependable, caring and good at pushing wheel chairs! We have really good conversations and never stop talking.”

This is what Bea says about Sarah, a volunteer she met through the Neighbourhood Care Scheme (NCS), the befriending scheme run by the local charity Impetus, which helps people who are isolated or lonely in Brighton & Hove. Bea had contacted NCS when, in her early nineties, she could no longer get out of the house.  She was still mentally active and wanted to have real conversations about what was going on in the world.

Sarah enjoys learning about Bea’s life, and likes the fact that she is really open and easy to talk to. When she had worked as a carer, she had not had time to chat with the people she visited.

If, like Bea, it is hard for you to get out and you would like some company; or if like Sarah you would like to develop a nice friendship with someone you would not otherwise meet, why not get in touch and find out more?

Tel. 01273 775888



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