Go Wild in the Park on 20 July

Plans are taking shape for the ‘bring and share’ community picnic, from midday onwards on Sunday 20 July, taking place next to the Community Garden by the tennis courts.

As well as the serious business of eating and drinking, there will be games and fun activities for all ages, with a focus on wildlife. We will be going on a bug hunt to find out what insects live in the park, and building a ‘bug hotel’ in which they can hibernate.

So if you would like to know more – or are able to help in any way – please email Jannet on jannetking [at sign] sfep.net or phone on 509653.



PCA Meeting 18 June – Greenway and Dials

We had some interesting discussions at our committee meeting on 18 June about  the Greenway path through New England Quarter, and the idea of a neighbourhood forum centred on the Dials, which would give local people more of a say in planning decisions. The minutes are here:

PCA Minutes 14.06

Thanks to those of you who sent us feedback about these ideas – and everybody, please send us your thoughts, either here or to info[at]prestonville org.uk