We in the PCA know there are plenty of people in Prestonville who’d like to be in touch with the Community Association, but haven’t got the time to join the committee; so we’re inviting Prestonville residents to become PCA members.

You can be involved as much or  as little as suits you, from joining in activities (such as the picnic we’re planning to hold in the summer) to just getting news by email.

We’d like you to share your ideas and views about local matters, so  that when we talk to bodies like the Council or local schools we can be confident we’re representing a range of local opinion.

We also want to rebuild our network of street representatives. Are you willing to do this, and to take welcome packs to people moving into the area?

If you’d like to become a PCA member but haven’t already had an invitation from me – which means we don’t have your email address – please email or phone 705134. We look forward to hearing from you!

Marek Kohn

Membership doesn’t cost anything, but for those who would like to support the PCA financially by making a modest annual donation, we’ve revived our separate Friends of Prestonville scheme. You can download a form here: FoP leaflet 2014.  To make this a regular annual donation, download a Standing Order form here: Standing Order form pdf


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