Late-Summer Prestonville News

Schools: Village Green No, Shared Field Maybe

The schools that have a stake in BHASVIC Field – Cardinal Newman, Stanford Junior and Stanford Infants – have lined up along with the Council’s Children’s Services Department and BHASVIC itself in opposition to Friends of the Field’s application to have the space designated a ‘Village Green’.

Their objections paint a grim picture of drugs, vandalism, aggressive dogs and abusive members of the public. ‘Persistent trespass by a small group of frequently disruptive, aggressive and bullying individuals should not be rewarded with a legal right to continue to access the field,’ declares Council official Gillian Churchill.

However, the statement the schools and BHASVIC have sent to the Friends implicitly recognises that local people do use the Field in responsible and community-minded ways. And for the first time in this discussion the educators have explicitly raised the prospect of allowing public access ‘in perpetuity’.

They want to bring in Fields in Trust, which works to safeguard open space for sport and recreation, to help work out possible solutions.

Friends of the Field will be discussing the summer’s developments on 9th Sept at St Luke’s Church, Old Shoreham Road, 7.30pm.


Other community get-togethers coming up:

3 September: 7.30. Friends of Dyke Road Park Open Meeting at the Bowls Pavilion, featuring provisional plans for Brighton Open Air Theatre.

6 September: 7.30. The Hall Get Involved AGM, Exeter Street Hall.

19 September: 7.30. Book Group – discussing Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel, in the Chimney House (upstairs).

21 September: 10.00-12.00. Friends of Dyke Road Park Gardening Work Party in Dyke Road Park. Meet by the Cafe.
12.00 – 4.00pm. The Community Garden is the launch venue for the city-wide Big Dig event.

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