Village Green – The Album

IMG_0729The Brighton Beach Boys provided the aural centrepiece for the Festival on the Field – organised of course by the Friends of the Field – with a performance of the Kinks’ 1968 album ‘The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society’ from the beginning of side 1 to the end of side 2. Proudly completist!

If anyone’s got any suggestions for a theme album to accompany next week’s Big Picnic in Dyke Road Park (12-2pm Sunday 21st), let us know and we’ll see if we can dig up an old cassette …

Communal Recycling: Where’s The Evidence?

We’re still trying to find out the figures underlying the Council’s plan to scrap household recycling collections across a third of the city. including part of the Prestonville area. At the PCA meeting in May we were told that the Council thinks recycling rates across the scheme area are about 12%, but it doesn’t actually know.

Today’s Argus reports that the scheme¬†‘is expected to boost recycling rates by 3%’. How do the planners work that out, if they don’t know the current rates?

It looks as though, as we suggested, the planners are simply assuming that rates across the whole of the trial area are as low Р 12% Рas they were in the heavily multi-occupied part of Hove where a communal scheme was trialled last year. Rates there went up to 21%: divide the increase by 3 and you get a 3-point rise citywide.

Maybe the Council’s arithmetic is more sophisticated than this, and the whole thing isn’t just a cost-cutting exercise with a green spin, but unless we get some proper information it’s getting harder to believe that this scheme is based on evidence that it will increase recycling.