PCA Update: Wistons, Recycling Alert

News from the PCA committee meeting held last Tuesday:

Wistons: Cllr Mike Jones told us that the ward councillors were impressed with how last month’s PCA-organised discussion in the Hall, about the anti-abortion pickets outside Wistons Clinic, kept on topic and didn’t turn into a debate about abortion itself.
However the official response so far has been disappointing. Neither the police not the Council officials took up the idea of an exclusion zone, which would permit protest but stop picketing at the gate, possibly because Wistons don’t seem keen to initiate such a move.

Recycling: Last week letters went out to Prestonville homes south of Old Shoreham Road inviting comments on a proposal to end kerbside recycling collections and instal communal bins like – but not in the same places as – the existing refuse bins. It seems likely that the scheme will subsequently be extended to the rest of Prestonville. We’ll be writing to the Council to express our concerns: please get in touch with your comments so we can feed them into our message. More on this soon but meanwhile the plans are outlined on the Council site.

The full meeting minutes are here: PCA Minutes for Committee 13.03.26

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