Elm occupied!

Tree protester Tom. Or possibly Stephen.

Two activists climbed the Vernon Terrace elm last night and are now perched in a net high above the Dials. I’m told one of them, Tom, is a veteran of the protests over near Hastings, where he spent six weeks up a tree.

The council won’t be able to let that happen in the middle of the city, and word at the base of the tree is that the authorities may be considering a rethink. One of our councillors, Amy Kennedy, is on the transport committee. We’re emailing her to underline that the PCA would like the elm to stay. If you feel the same way, let our representatives know right away.

You can follow the protest @SaveOurTree

2 thoughts on “Elm occupied!

  1. Best wishes to Tom & Stephen. Hope you can save our elm.
    Can’t fell a grand old tree like that in a Green constituency.Just seems wrong.


  2. Friday morning: they’re sticking to it on the ground as well as up the tree. One protester very bleary but cheerful after spending the whole night there. The council has announced a delay, but Tom and Stephen are planning to stay put until they get it in writing.


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