Details of Anston House development


I’ve been asked to put down some details about the scale of the Anston House development (137 – 147 Preston Road Brighton)

What’s proposed is:

  • 231 one, two and three flats
  • The smaller one bedroom flats start at 43 sq m
  • 158 car parking spaces ranged over two floors
  • The building’s highest tower is 15 storeys high – the drawings appear to show that it extends above the roof line of buildings on Stanford Road
  • From scale drawings the building appears to be around 50m high. That’s higher than Bedford Towers – the Holiday Inn on the seafront (right) and would make it one of the five tallest buildings in Brighton.
  • Connecting the two towers is a long block 7 storeys high
  • Alongside the height, it’s wide. The footprint of the building extends across the entire width and depth of the two currently vacant plots (below right); green spaces are achieved through roof terraces
  • 10% is allocated as affordable housing – which is the minium for Brighton & Hove
  • The building’s rear wall looks like it’s about 2m away from the rear fences of the houses on Dyke Road Drive. Effectively this is a wall around 72m in length 18m high being built at the end of our gardens gardens. Which means that the houses in that part of Dyke Road Drive will be surrounded on both sides by walls as high or higher than the buildings themselves
  • Despite modifications this seven-storey wall appears to contain around 20 balconies and at least 99 windows looking back on the residents of Dyke Road Drive
  • There is office space allocated at the front of the building. In this area that’s a planning requirement. It’s creating a kind of shop frontage set back from the Preston Road pavement though this is currently specified as office space
  • There is 34sqm of community “amenity space” included in the plans as the total for the block. Less than the area of the smallest one bedroom flat.
  • The height of the building means that during winter afternoons it will cast shadow well beyond the Preston Park Rotunda.
You can view the full plans on the Brighton & Hove Council website and also make comments or objections there too.
We’re planning a community meeting to discuss the plans before it goes to the planning committee, probably in mid-March. Martin Poole at St Luke’s Church has kindly offered the church for a community meeting on March 5. Times TBA.




3 thoughts on “Details of Anston House development

  1. Totally unacceptable – especially for residents of Dyke Rd Drive. The really annoying thing is that the large scale of this building has only been made possible by the previous illegal removal from the site of the protected decidious trees.


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