Seven Dials Plans Unveiled

Consultation plan – closer View

Consultation plan – wider View

Here’s how the plans for the reshaping of Seven Dials look. The hub of the scheme is an enlarged central roundabout with a surround raised high enough to keep cars off, but low enough for lorries and buses to mount while turning. With narrowed roadways, traffic speed would be markedly reduced – to the point where, the planners believe, it will be safe for pedestrians to walk across the middle. The formal crossings would be kept where they are, but would be converted to zebras.

If the stakeholders’ group meetings are anything to go by, the most controversial element of the scheme will be the option under which access from Vernon Terrace to the Dials junction would be blocked.

Looking at the plans from the north side of the Dials, what stood out for me was that the narrowest part of the footway, around the Seven Dials restaurant, would stay as narrow as it is now. I’ve made the point that this would continue to slow people down at busy times, and with the guard-rails removed would probably cause pedestrians to spill into the roadway. But elsewhere there’s increased space for people on foot.

The consultation events will be:

• Wed 10 October, 7am-12noon, on corner of Dyke Road South

• Wed1 7 October ,2-8pm, St Luke’s Church, Old Shoreham Road

• Mon 22 October, 2-8pm ,St Luke’s Church, Old Shoreham Road

• Tues 30 October, 3-8pm, on corner of Dyke Road South


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