Rogue Traders warning

Dear resident,

Please take some time to read the attached letter and crime prevention literature regarding rogue traders. If you’d like a copy of the sticker referred to in the letter, please email and someone will drop one off to you whilst out on patrol.

Sgt Chris Lane
Brighton and Hove Neighbourhood Policing Team

Rogue Trader email to resident [PDF]

stopchain [PDF]

Buying on the doorstep [PDF]

Sussex Police – Serving Sussex
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2 thoughts on “Rogue Traders warning

  1. I’d love one of the stickers, but no email address is given in the ‘Rogue Trader email to residents’ pdf.

    Pete – could you put the email address up on the site, in suitably cryptic form. Thanks. Jannet

    PS: Can I have one for my phone line as well?! (Yes, I know all about TPS, but it just doesn’t work…)


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