PCA Committee Meeting 1 March

There will be a meeting of the PCA Committee at 8.00 on Thursday 1 March, at 48 Stafford Road. Feel free to contact the Secretary on 509653 or jannetking “at sign” sfep.net if you wish to bring anything to the attention of the committee or attend the meeting.

The agenda is as follows:

1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes/Matters Arising (from 12th & 25th Jan)

Prestonville Post Gill Hasson proposal

John Lovatt Commemoration

Links with other organisations

3.  Church Hall – The PCA position (Update / Discussion)

4.  Friends of Dyke Road Park (Update / Discussion)

5.  Big Freeze (Update / Discussion)

6.  Extending the Committee Membership – discussion

7.  Committee Activities / Events for 2012 – discussion

8.  Finance

9.   Highcroft Villas allotments-planning permission.

10. Wistons Clinic.

11. THGI – helping with Gift Aid.

12.  AOB

13. Date of Next Meeting


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