PCA Committee Meeting 1 March

There will be a meeting of the PCA Committee at 8.00 on Thursday 1 March, at 48 Stafford Road. Feel free to contact the Secretary on 509653 or jannetking “at sign” sfep.net if you wish to bring anything to the attention of the committee or attend the meeting.

The agenda is as follows:

1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes/Matters Arising (from 12th & 25th Jan)

Prestonville Post Gill Hasson proposal

John Lovatt Commemoration

Links with other organisations

3.  Church Hall – The PCA position (Update / Discussion)

4.  Friends of Dyke Road Park (Update / Discussion)

5.  Big Freeze (Update / Discussion)

6.  Extending the Committee Membership – discussion

7.  Committee Activities / Events for 2012 – discussion

8.  Finance

9.   Highcroft Villas allotments-planning permission.

10. Wistons Clinic.

11. THGI – helping with Gift Aid.

12.  AOB

13. Date of Next Meeting


St Luke’s Gives THGI 6 Months

Latest from the THGI Facebook page:


St. Luke’s PCC met on Feb 21st and Martin Poole has now contacted THGI with the following statement.

‘The PCC agrees that THGI be given 6 months to produce a bid for the hall compliant with charity commission requirements’

A busy and exciting time ahead! Watch this space.”

Hall Buyer “Pulling Back”

Update from THGI: We have been informed by St. Luke’s that the preferred bidder is “pulling back” from buying the hall. A meeting between THGI and St. Luke’s PCC has now been arranged for early next week to discuss our bid. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more details.” (from the THGI Facebook page)

St. Luke’s Church Hall Sale

Following the recent PCA AGM presentations and discussion the church PCC (the elected governing body of the St. Luke’s) held an extraordinary committee meeting on Friday 3rd February to discuss all the issues which have been raised in relation to this sale.

We were very interested to listen to the views and to see the presentation from the THGI group at the PCA AGM and we have been very impressed by the energy and enthusiasm THGI have galvanised behind this important issue and their willingness to engage in discussions with us over the last few months.

The church has always wanted the hall to remain in community use and have selected a buyer who also wishes to do that and has the resources to make this happen.  As further insurance towards this aim and in response to hearing your views the PCC decided to place a restrictive covenant on the hall which will ensure it remains in community use in perpetuity.

We are also seeking to broker a partnership between the preferred buyer and the THGI group so that there can be an exchange of ideas about the use of the hall.  We believe that a covenant and partnership arrangement should be acceptable and mutually beneficial to all parties and will achieve all the objectives of ensuring continued community use for generations to come.

At present all parties have agreed to this meeting and we are currently discussing dates and times for this. All three parties in this discussion wish for the hall to remain in community use and our hope is that we will all be able to work together to achieve this.