Joining the PCA Committee

The Public Meeting about the future of the Church Hall in Exeter Street is also the Prestonville Community Association’s Annual General Meeting, at which we elect the PCA’s Committee. We consider all Prestonville residents to be members of the PCA, and if you’re over 16, you have a vote.

If you’d like to join the Committee, you can stand for election at the AGM. A candidate needs to be nominated by one person and seconded by another. We can accept nominations up to the day of the meeting, though not at the meeting itself. Please email

or phone 705134.


If you’re interested but not sure, the AGM isn’t the only opportunity to get involved with the PCA. The Committee can co-opt up to five members in addition to the six ordinary members and four ‘officers’ (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) we hope to elect at the AGM. And Committee meetings are open to Prestonville residents whether they’re on the committee or not

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