A meeting between St. Luke’s Church and local people took place on Weds 7th December to discuss the proposed sale of Exeter Street hall. There has been strong support from residents to save the hall and over 400 signatures have been collected by volunteers in the surrounding streets.

The encouraging news from the meeting is that an opportunity does exist for the hall to remain in use for the community but time is running out.

We need your ideas, knowledge and contacts now.

Ideas – How would you like to see the Hall developed?
Knowledge – Do you have any experience of developing community buildings, or skills that could help us plan?
Contacts – We could do with advice from a reliable builder, plus legal and planning advice. Do you know people who’ve done similar things?

You can get involved by

  • visiting the facebook page for our campaign to add your thoughts.
  • sending an email to with your ideas
  • coming along to the hall for a mince pie and mulled wine after the community carols on Sunday 11th Dec outside the Chimney House. Carols begin at 6pm.


Paul Winter

2 thoughts on “TheHallGetInvolved

  1. It is great to see such community interest in the church hall after so many years of discussion about it’s future. It was good to meet people at the public meeting back in September and again this week to hear your views and ideas.
    I want to assure everyone that the church’s sincere hope is for the hall to remain in community use and we are doing all we can to make that as likely as possible given the mandate put on us by charity law to run a public tender for the sale. It is by no means certain that the buyer will be a developer and we are very open to any imaginative ideas from the community about alternative futures for the hall.
    The deadline for bids is the end of next week (16th December) and I would encourage anyone who has a concrete interest in doing something with the hall to put in a tender, even if it needs further work, so that we can consider this during our discussions in the New Year. We cannot delay the bid deadline but we can extend the decision making period following this in order to allow for more community discussion.
    I look forward to having further conversations after the community carols on Sunday night and over the coming weeks and am always available by email at or on the church phone number 557772.


  2. Whilst I’m really pleased that the hall’s future will be decided after careful consideration of all community based bids, it still only gives the community 5 more days to get its act together. Can’t help feeling that this won’t be possible in the run up to Christmas when everyone is so busy.

    From what you say Martin, can a bid be resubmitted when more details have been thought through by the bidding group? I’m just wondering what the process is that could enable an undeveloped bid to get approval from the PCC. If there is a window of time, in which community group can resubmit or add further information, it might encourage a bid before the 16th December deadline.



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