FoDRP rose garden

First – the postive news. In case you hadn’t noticed, the Parks Department has at last got its act together and planted up the two sloping corner beds with lavender. Should look great, and is attracting lots of bees.

But, what about the remaining beds? We know from an email sent by Alan Griffiths (Operations Manager for our park) on 18 April that the following is planned: The plan for the Rose garden is to replant the two large banked beds at either end with Lavender and Roses plus to plant four of the square rose beds up with herbaceous this season,
continuing with the other beds in the autumn.

Some of the rose beds are beyond redemption, but I know that a lot of us would be extremely sorry to see perfectly good rose beds dug up. I have been round and taken photographs of each bed, for the record, and think we should press for a meeting with Alan Griffiths, in the rose garden, before any further action is taken.

For further discussion at the meeting on Tuesday, 7 June @ 6.30 in the cafe.




FoDRP Wish List

For the meeting on Tuesday 7 June at 6.30 in the cafe, it would be good to have some realistic suggestions for improvements. My wish list includes:

2 new benches overlooking bowling green (to replace broken ones)

a tennis wall on tennis courts against which kids could practise (suggested by my neighbour and endorsed by tennis coast Cy)

some environmentally friendly planting to encourage even more birds