Dyke Road Park Big Tidy Up

On 6 May our Park Ranger, Garry Meyer, and several Friends of Dyke Road Park, set up tent next to the tennis court, on the route down from Tesco into the park. Armed with litter-pickers, bright-green bin bags and tabards, we tried to enthuse people about the benefits of keeping the park free of litter.

We were joined at lunchtime by 15 young students from Cardinal Newman School, and two of their teachers, who worked hard for over an hour. They were rewarded by various goodies donated by Tesco – who themselves sent two staff members to help pick litter.

The exercise was useful in bringing to the attention of both Tesco and the school the scale of the problem of litter in the park.

By the end of the 4-hour session the park was completely litter-free, with litter collected from inside bushes as well as from open areas. We are very much hoping that this positive action by so many volunteers will have some impact on the attitude of all park users towards litter. The exercise will be repeated in a month or so.

If you would like to see photos of the events, click here:

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