Greenway Finally Open!

The Northern Greenway, running from between the New England Road railway bridges through the New England Quarter, has opened after Network Rail and the Council finally reached an agreement about it. Now we can take the scenic route to Sainsbury’s (left down the steps at the far end into Isetta Square and out onto Fleet Street)!

Meanwhile work continues on the Ghost Train sculpture for the bridge, as detailed on Jon Mills’s blog.

Introducing e-watch – your local Sussex Police newsletter


I’m your local Police Community Support Officer. My beat covers the Preston and Prestonville areas. I’ve been working in this area for about 5 months now. I am often in the area on my patrol duties so please do say hello if you see me.

e-Watch is our monthly newsletter that features information about the work we are doing in your area, issues that may be affecting your area and also a police report.

If you would like to receive our monthly e-Watch newsletter please email me at and I will add you to our list.

I’m keen that I reach as many people as possible within the area in which I work and thought that was an ideal way to introduce myself and reach a wider community.

If I haven’t met you yet. I hope to meet you in the near future.

Kindest of regards

PCSO Steve Williams

Dyke Road Park birds

Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, the park is thronging with birds. (Where did they all hide when it was cold? And how on earth did they survive?)

Most notable are a visiting flock of at least half a dozen redwing, feeding (as they did last year) in the clump of bushes behind the tennis clubhouse (aka Cy’s hut). They are difficult to pick out with the naked eye, and look very nondescript, but through binoculars you can see large orangey-red patches beneath their wings, and their very handsome eyebrows. They can also been seen flying around – at a characteristically brisk pace .

In the adjacent tree I counted at least 12 blue tits, and on the diagonal path leading to the playing field I was treated to an eye-height view of a pair of goldcrests feeding humming-bird style on a small conifer (plus yet more blue tits).

Other species noted: goldfinches, chaffinches, sparrows, dunnocks, robins, a great tit (heard)  blackbirds (surprising number), magpies, crows, rooks, black-headed gulls.