Meeting for users of Dyke Road Park

Tuesday 16 November, 6.00pm, Dyke Road Park Cafe

What do you want from your local Park? 
How can we get more resources? 
What can we do to make it better?

Dyke Road Park is much loved and well used by the community around it.  It is a small park with few resources and has begun to feel neglected, particularly in comparison with the parks around us.  We have only one gardener who spends much of his time dealing with the litter.

Other than the improvements to the Children’s Play Area there has been little or no money spent on the park.  After many conversations with other park users I felt it was time for a Friends of Dyke Road Park to finally get organised.

The park is a huge resource that could be an even more central part of our community but it is unlikely that in the foreseeable future the Council will be spending more money on it. 

A meeting has been organised to see the extent of the support for such a group and to try and give park users a voice with the Council to ensure the park is maintained properly and to establish what we are able to do ourselves to improve the park which might include setting up a Committee, having a Representative to the Council, Days of Action, Litter Picking Days, Fund-raising Events, Social Events etc.

Some of the ideas for uses of the park include: 

  1. A designated picnic/barbecue area which could be separated off and avoid the burning of the grass with barbecues and provide some tables.
  2. A gardening club which could support the gardener and might take over an area to plant
  3. A children’s club – creating an area for children to learn about the park
  4. A voluntary litter picking team
  5. Some fixed gym equipment (like Hove Park has).
  6. Some lighting.
  7. A dog club with a view to possibly organising training/agility.

Please come along to this meeting with all your skills, ideas and enthusiasm and let’s save our lovely little park from falling into total disrepair and turn it into a hive of activity, education and beauty!!

Ask not what your park can do for you but what you can do for your park!

If you would like to help organise the meeting or publicise it, please get in touch with Fiona by leaving a message for her at the Dyke Road Cafe, or email Jannet King at jannetking “the at sign” [not put address in conventional form to avoid (more) spam].