Ever wondered how to report an abandoned car, potholes in the road or maybe a faulty street lamp. A site called FixMyStreet has been linked up to Brighton & Hove City Council so that any report that needs attention is automatically directed to the right department.

Suppose you wanted to report a broken paving slab in Exeter St.

First go to FixMyStreet, then

  1. Enter a  postcode, or just Exeter Street
  2. Locate the paving slab on a map of the area by just clicking at the right point on the map.
  3. Enter details of the problem – including a photo if you’ve got one.
  4. The details are sent to the  council on your behalf.

The reports are logged and are then publicly available. You don’t have to identify yourself but you have the option. Quite interesting looking at the Brighton report as a whole to see what others have reported.

3 thoughts on “FixMyStreet

  1. Thanks Peter.I’ll try it for the broken railings opposite Stanford Junior school.Maybe if a few others could do the same we might get a result.


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