Any local marathon runners?

Brighton marathon map

Brighton marathon map

With the Brighton marathon just 5 months away, is anyone in the Prestonville area interested in getting together for training? As much as I hate to think about it, the early morning (6am) runs are looming and weekends too.

Contact by email :

fundabolt-marathon AT

Litter in Dyke Road Park

Residents may be interested to know the results of a correspondence between myself and the Head of Cardinal Newman, Mrs Malvina Sanders. I first wrote in Nov 2008 to complain about the piles of litter I witnessed being dropped in the park by Year 11 pupils during their morning break (when they were allowed out of the school as a ‘special privilege’) but received no response. In September this year I tried again, mentioning that I was intending to send photos of the disgusting state of the park to the RC Diocese. This time she did respond and, following an exchange of letters, she has banned the pupils from returning to the back entrance of the school, through the gap in the fence between the public playing field and the school playing field.

I have not been monitoring the situation, but did notice today that there was almost no litter at the western end of the park. I would interested to hear whether people who use the park daily (dog walkers, for instance) have noticed a general improvement.

Of course, with winter coming, there is likely to be less litter anyway, but we need to be vigilant that the school does not relax the ruling in the spring, and allow its pupils to use the park as a thoroughfare once again.