Congested Chimney House Corner

Has anyone locally experienced difficulty negotiating the corner of Exeter Street just by the Chimney House ?

The placement of bike racks just by the parking ticket machine and the tables is making life just that little bit more difficult when pushing the buggy.  Add to this the drinkers enjoying the sun of an evening or a couple of builders vans and things just get more onerous.

If there is local support, we may be able to get the bike racks moved…….

2 thoughts on “Congested Chimney House Corner

  1. As you say, it’s a squeeze – yet it’s in perhaps the biggest open space in Prestonville. The junction is much bigger than cars need. Maybe with a bit of clever streetscaping we could get more than the extra space for the bike stands. What about a Prestonville ‘town square’ that could be a space for the whole community the whole year round, not just when we have the Christmas carols?


  2. A town square would be fun! has to be said that there are a lot of pavements around Prestonville that are a squeeze, especially with a buggy. the bike racks don’t help (though I do think they’re needed ) – but to me, even more irritating is slaloming round wheelybins on the pavement – Port Hall is particularly bad. I thought the whole poing of wheelies is that they went to houses that had space to store them off-street?


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