Policing Prestonville

I’m Sgt Chris Lane and as of 5th May 2009 I took over as the sergeant for the Neighbourhood Policing Team covering your area. Although new in post, I’m no stranger to neighbourhood policing and prior to being promoted in 2007 I was on this team as a PC for over 3½ years.

I have a small but dedicated team of three PC’s and eight PCSO’s. The PCSO’s are assigned a specific geographical area and the PCSO for your area is Erica Harkness who I hope you all know.

My area of responsibility includes Saunders Park, Hollingdean, Fiveways, Preston Park, Prestonville, Withdean and Westdene. Pending a further vacancy being filled, I am also temporarily covering Hollingbury, Patcham, Coldean and Stamner. Quite a large area, I’m sure you will agree; however the team have an excellent knowledge of their respective beats and I have confidence in their abilities.

I’m passionate about uniform policing and dedicated to providing a first class service for the community. The nature of police work is such that what we perceive as priorities often differ from those of the community: accordingly I invite you all to keep in regular contact with myself or Erica and tell us exactly what is on your mind. Likewise through these pages I will endeavour to keep you updated with information relevant to your area.

If you wish to contact us you can do so by the following means;

Sgt Chris LANE CL062


0845 6070999 ext 59708

07771 806909



0845 6070999

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