Rubbish collections on Hamilton Road (& beyond?)

Collection day on Hamilton Road should be Wednesday.

Dear neighbours – I have just spoken to the city council refuse team about our collections, particularly the poor reliability of collections on the notified days.  I was really pleased to receive a phone call having only sent an email 30 minutes earlier. The reasons for this poor service remain unspecified. This week there has been a problem with a van but this hardly excuses so many months of irregularity. I was reassured to hear that the council is very aware of our specific problems (it is apparently related to three specific rounds). A sweeper will be dispatched within 24 hours to clear up any spilt bags and we will have a full collection by tomorrow (Saturday). Managers are looking into why our rounds remain a problem.

I am still not satisfied but did appreciate some offer of understanding.  I would really encourage everyone to keep emailing/phoning the council whenever there are problems as it is the only easy way of providing timely feedback.


Steven  – 28 Hamilton Road

2 thoughts on “Rubbish collections on Hamilton Road (& beyond?)

  1. The refuse was not collected on the Saturday as promised and remained on the street over the Bank Holiday. It was eventually removed on Tuesday afternoon after more phonecalls from residents. On behalf of the PCA I have contacted local councillors and also registered an official complaint with City Clean – collections in Hamilton Road have not been efficient since the change of day last October. So far the response has been that parked cars have been making access to the street a problem and our complaints are being investigated. Watch this space.


  2. This is the official response I received from a representative of City Clean.
    “After speaking with Operations Manager for this area, I have found out that the problem with this collection was due to the access to the road being blocked and therefore a collection truck was not able to return. The Operations Manager has informed me that they are currently looking into finding a better solution should this circumstance arise again and any suggestions that you have can be passed on to the Operations Manager to see if these would be viable.”
    Please continue to report missed collections – the phone number is 01273 292929 – e-mails can take up to 15 days to be answered.
    Di 16a Hamilton Road


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