Car club

Car club vehicle in Lancaster Road

Car club vehicle in Lancaster Road

If you’re new to the area and don’t have a car, there’s a great scheme in Brighton that you should know about called CityCarClub.

Prestonville has two of the 25 cars, one located in Lancaster Road and the other in Prestonville Road.  Another two are located near the bottom of Dyke Road Drive in Springfield Road.

Getting around Brighton by bus isn’t difficult but there are some journeys out of Brighton which are really only possible with a car and I’ve used this scheme for the last 4 years without a problem. There’s no tax, insurance or permit parking charge – you only pay a hire charge and fuel.  The car has its own parking bay. I checked with CityCarClub to find out how often the local cars are used. The number of hours per day is as follows:

Lancaster Road – 3.5 hours

Prestonville Road – 4.8 hours

Springfield Road (combined average) – 7.6 hours

There is usually a car available when you want one and as the number of members increases (currently 1000 in Brighton) more cars are introduced. Highly recommended!

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