A Place At Hove Park School?

Increasing numbers of local children are going to Hove Park School now that Prestonville is in the Blatchington Mill / Hove Park catchment area. A number of parents in Prestonville and neighbouring areas have formed a group to share information and views about HPS, which can seem a long way away from here. Indeed, it’s the best part of three miles, and local parents have been lobbying hard for improvements in the bus services on which HPS students from this side of town have to rely. In January we put a question to the Council’s Children and Young People Cabinet Member meeting, supported by local councillor Kevin Allen, and Celia Barlow, MP for Hove, has agreed to meet us. If you’d like to get in touch with local HPS parents, please contact Brenda Norville: tel. 539151.

1 thought on “A Place At Hove Park School?

  1. I have a son starting Hove Park in Sept.
    On the same day that I posted the form accepting his place (our second choice) I read that the 27A bus will be changing from every 30 to 60 minutes.
    This is not good enough. I want him not only to be able to get to school and back but to be able to join after school activities and use the library and homework club, without having to worry about getting the bus home.
    I attended all meeting re the changes in school admissions and accepted the arguements that the the catchment area was fairer.
    At the meetings we were assured that transport links would be improved ……..they haven’t………..and now I find (too late?) that they are getting worse.
    Can all Hove Park parents get together to challenge this?


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