Panthers on BHASVIC Field

Preston Panthers U13s (white shirts) in action against Hollingbury Hawks

Preston Panthers U13s (white shirts) in action against Hollingbury Hawks

Panthers pictures in Paul Winter’s gallery

Spot the ball (video)

Sixteen goals, nine points and three clean sheets in three weeks for the Preston Panthers under-13s on their home turf at BHASVIC!

March 1:   Panthers 5 – 0 Hollingbury Hawks.

March 8:   Panthers 2 – 0 Wild Park Rangers (Match report: Ned Wall’s Comment linked below.)

March 15: Panthers 9 – 0 Polegate Grasshoppers

Panthers v. Grasshoppers

Panthers v. Grasshoppers

The Panthers U13s celebrate their hard-fought and well-deserved win against Wild Park.

The Panthers U13s celebrate their hard-fought and well-deserved win against Wild Park. (Photo: Paul Winter)

Coach Pete Golton and his technical staff Jem Wall congratulate the squad. (Pic: PW)

Coach Pete Golton and his technical staff Jem Wall congratulate the squad. (Pic: PW)

1 thought on “Panthers on BHASVIC Field

  1. Preston Panthers 2 – 0 Wild Park Rangers

    Mention a panther in Prestonville, and you will most likely be met with a response of shock and horror. This is mainly due to the ‘beast’ that has apparently been sighted around the local area, but partly because of the recent horrendous form of the local youth football team.

    It’s been a difficult season for the Panthers, to say the least, with hammerings from Rottingdean Village and AFC Ashmore and losing key players amongst the heaviest blows. Last week however the team managed to salvage three points, hammering bottom of the league Hollingbury Hawks 5-0, (captain Max Winter earning his first ever hat-trick for in his three years with the Panthers). However as it was against an exceedingly weak side it could easily be written off as one-off, a mere bright patch in a season of woe, but, if today is anything to go by, that was not the case.

    It is undoubtable that a win, however easy that win was, boosts morale, and coach Jem Wall did claim that he noticed ‘a change in spirit’ at the most recent training session and that may have been the difference today. The Panthers went into this game rank outsiders: not only was this a case of third against third bottom, but the Panthers have an appalling record against Wild Park, even during their more successful years, but if WPR were complacent then that complacency was dented within the first minute, when Matt Zara’s long ball from kick off was met by Ned Wall, but his mistimed pass was met by a Wild Park centre back before fellow frontman Beau.

    There was a big chance at the other end, as an attempted clearance from the home team’s defence was collected by the opposition’s midfield, and a fearsome shot was rifled at the Panthers goal, but the ball ended up striking the outer side of the woodwork. On the whole, however, the majority of the Wild Park attacks were snuffed out by the solid Panthers back four, particularly by full-back Louis Golton who was as effective in stopping winger Ricky Faulkner as he was with Luke Reynolds of Hollingbury the week before. The biggest chance for the Panthers in the first half came towards the end, when Beau connected with a Brendan King through-ball, the Wild Park defence were all convinced it was an offside, but the referee quite rightly signalled to play on. Beau was in the clear inside the away team’s penalty box with all the time in the world, but alas, his touch was too long, and his shot too weak, and the ball sailed wide of the post, much to his teammates’ frustration.

    The fact that they had not broken the Panthers down yet was obviously getting to Wild Park as numerous substitutions were made at half-time and they looked clearly less confident on the ball. The Panthers then turned it on, with many a close chance, most noticeably Amir Razavi’s connection with Ned Wall’s low cross being narrowly tipped round the post by the now uneasy Wild Park keeper, and Louis Golton’s run and cross was almost met by the head of Max Winter.

    The angst was beginning to poke through Wild Park’s tough surface, when a full-back purposely put the ball down a ditch just before a Panthers throw in, as a form of petty protest. Shortly after Panthers’ all time top goalscorer Ned Wall proved that there plenty for the opposition to be anxious about, as his winding run into the box was ended just before he could pull the trigger, but just minutes later Max Winter went one better as his skilful run was completed with a trademark finish to gift the Panthers the goal they deserved.

    Wild Park had a couple of chances to get themselves back into the game, Jack Lawrence managed to pull off a fine last ditch challenge and Wild Park fans’ favourite defender-turned frontman Stacey scuffed a shot inside the box.

    Things never seemed to be going Wild Park’s way, and the Panthers sealed their position after Joe scored his first goal in youth team football after a Louis Golton free-kick, and, as it was a fierce strike in the top corner, you can only wonder why his name isn’t on the scoresheet more often. There were even more chances for the leaders after this, for Beau (who had more than redeemed himself from his first half error), and Ned Wall; It was at this point that WPR resorted to drastic measures, moving almost the entire team up front, meaning that even frontman Ned Wall had to do his fair share of cover.

    Despite some minor late pressure from the away team, not one of the Panthers’ players was pining for the final whistle to blow, but when it did there was much jubilation from the BHASVIC field lads. Six points, seven goals, and two clean sheets from the last two games. A beast that surely any opposition has a right to be fearful of.

    Preston Panthers Player Ratings:
    Jack Lawrence 9/10
    Louis Golton 10/10 *Man of the match
    Daly Farrington 8/10
    Lorenzo Lavia 8/10
    Tomas Bermejo 9/10
    Matt Zara 9/10
    Brendan King 9/10
    Max Winter 9/10
    Teo Kohn 8/10
    Joe Roberts 8/10
    Beau Doggett 8/10
    Ned Wall 8/10
    Amir Razavi 8/10


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