Runners setting off on a very frosty morning.

Keen joggers in the area, or those thinking of taking it up,  might be interested in the Brighton & Hove Parkrun that takes place every Saturday morning at 9am in Hove Park.  The run is 5km, about two and a half times around the park. After the initial online registration, which takes a couple of minutes, just turn up whenever you feel like it and run.

It’s entirely free and the runners are of mixed ability and age.  For example, today there were 108 runners aged between 14 and 74! It’s a very friendly atmosphere and the best bit is that you finish very close to Hove Park cafe!

For those who enjoy having a target, every runner is given a finishing position and time. This is recorded on the Parkrun website so that you can track your progress. One last thing, Parkrun takes place whatever the weather and it was -8 degrees C last week!

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