Fire Engines Out, Steam Engine In?

Changes down New England Road:

The Fire & Rescue Service is planning to close the Preston Circus Fire Station. This is welcome news to the Duke of York’s cinema next door, which would like to take it over.

St James’s Investments, the company planning the new Tesco development on the opposite side of the Circus, is also said to be interested in the site. That might not mean they really want it, though – they might just want to prevent potential competitors from setting up over the road. Presumably they could live with an expanded cinema.

Back up the road, there’s a planning application (BH2008/03317) in for a ‘Ghost Train’ public artwork proposed for the old railway bridge along which the new ‘greenway’ path will run through the New England Quarter to the station.

How the Ghost Train would look.

How the Ghost Train would look.

This would be a metal relief image of an 1840s ‘Jenny Lind’ steam loco, named after the Swedish opera singer and possible lover of the composer Mendelssohn, but featured here because it was used by the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway.

The 'Jenny Lind' loco

The 'Jenny Lind' loco


According to the description, it would be life size, resemble a Victorian etching, and would be lit by lights that fade in and out, creating a ‘ghostly’ effect …

2 thoughts on “Fire Engines Out, Steam Engine In?

  1. That sounds interesting. And it’s a spot that needs something to brighten it up – even a ghost!

    I’m looking forward to the ‘green path’. What a pity it doesn’t extend right back to Dyke Road Drive – or does it?


  2. Well yes – if the path extended back to Dyke Road Drive – that would make the daily walk to the station so much quicker for people in our area!!

    Is there a map of the proposed greenway path?


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